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Neighborhood Walk

Sheriff Bill Leeper is implementing enhanced strategies to reduce crime and engage the community.  He and his staff are going door-to-door every month to talk with residents about concerns and issues in their neighborhood.  The major initiatives are crime reduction and community engagement.

“As Nassau County continues to grow and develop more issues and crime opportunities are created,” said Sheriff Leeper.  “Therefore, it is imperative that citizens get involved and work together with public safety to make sure they live in a safe environment and Nassau County remains a safe place to live, work and raise a family.”

Neighborhood Walks will take place once a month and in every area of Nassau County.  If you have a suggestion for a Neighborhood Walk location we want to hear from you.  Residents are also invited to join us for the Neighborhood Walk.

“This is a way to engage with deputies who work in that particular neighborhood, outside a call for service,” Leeper said.  “It’s just a conversation with us and citizens about what we can do to help in the community.”

The first Neighborhood Walk will take place on Thursday, March 14, 2019, in the Amhurst Oaks Subdivision in Callahan starting at 5:30 PM.In addition to NCSO’s Community Advisory Teams, Citizens Law Enforcement Academy, Teen Driver Program, Women’s Self-Defense & Personal Safety Class, Safe Kids Academy and Coffee with a Cop Program, the Neighborhood Walk initiative is just one more opportunity for citizens to become engaged with law enforcement as we all work together to make our community better.