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Embark on a Rewarding Career at NCSO

As young children, many of us dream of becoming police officers or firefighters. I remember spending many childhood afternoons imitating public safety professionals. With toy handcuffs in hand or a small garden hose ready to put out a fire, my friends and I role-played for hours as we rushed to help those in need. We chased down the bad guys who needed to be brought to “justice.”

For me, that childhood passion translated into a long and fruitful career in law enforcement. For over four decades, I’ve had the good fortune of performing challenging, yet rewarding, work where I’ve had the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Yet, while law enforcement officers and firefighters are the public face of public safety, there are many other positions that are less visible but no less important. The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office is looking for more good men and women to join our team in the critically-important positions of E911 communications operators, detention deputies and civilian support personnel.

Communications operators are the lifeline between the community and first responders. These unsung heroes do far more than just answer 911 phone calls – they are the quarterbacks of public safety. They offer lifesaving instructions and provide a calming presence while obtaining the critical information necessary to direct emergency response teams to where they need to go. These workers undergo months of intensive training to learn the ins and outs of public safety – and their impact is immeasurable.

The same can be said of our detention deputies. Each day, these men and women are charged not only with maintaining order and discipline among detainees in our jail, but also ensuring the safety and security of the detainees, the public and other fellow law enforcement and detention personnel. As rehabilitation is a top priority at NCSO, detention deputies also have the unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of detainees because of their close and frequent interactions with them.

All of the positions at NCSO offer tremendously rewarding careers. NCSO also offers competitive salaries, an outstanding work environment and amazing benefits, including medical insurance, retirement pension and generous vacation leave. At NCSO, you also have the opportunity to work for a triple-crown fully-accredited public safety agency and one of the most respected in the state.

Don’t settle for a job – embark on a career. Come join us at NCSO and make a difference in your community. Explore these and many other opportunities at

Sheriff Bill Leeper