An Accredited Florida Law Enforcement Agency

School Resource Officers

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Nassau County School Board, provides additional security for five schools throughout Nassau County. These efforts are accomplished by placing a School Resource Officer (SRO) at local schools in the Yulee, Callahan and Hilliard areas of the County.

The SRO’s provide security for the schools, its students and staff. They are also actively involved in classroom instruction in regards to making the students more aware of the law and the importance of good decision making. These officers form a special bond with the students allowing them to mentor and foster educational growth throughout their time at that particular grade level. Often, the relationship that is formed carries on into higher grade levels providing the students with a solid foundation of support.

During the summer months, School Resource Officers provide support for several other areas of the agency including uniformed patrol, beach patrol, alcohol and tobacco compliance checks and special events.

Our School Resource Officers work under the Special Operations Unit of the agency. Any questions or comments regarding these officers or their duties, please contact Capt. Renee Graham (904) 548-4028.