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Each housing area has a telephone which allows collect calls only (with the exception of calls to the public defender’s office.) All charges must be accepted by the person the inmate is calling.  Depending on the type of phone service, some individuals contacted by an inmate may not be able to accept their calls.  If this should occur, the individuals may contact GTL Customer Service and establish an account.

GTL can be reached at:

Please be advised that 3-way calls are not allowed. If you attempt a 3-way call or place an inmate on hold after answering your call, the call will be terminated.

Inmates will not be permitted to receive incoming calls.  If an incoming call of an emergency nature is received for an inmate, the phone number and name of the party calling will be obtained. After verification, the inmate will be permitted to return the call to the person reporting the emergency as soon as reasonably possible.

Emergencies will be defined as a death in the immediate family, a crisis in a family or business in which the inmate has a real and vested interest, or other severe crisis that requires his/her immediate personal attention.

Messages lacking urgency will not be relayed.  The caller will be advised to write or visit the inmate on visiting day.

Telephone privileges will be provided between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM, except during feed up, count, or unless disciplinary action has been taken against all inmates of the cell, such as riot, refusal to work, etc.  Telephones may be turned off if cells, day rooms, showers and bunks are not kept neat and clean.  Fraudulent calls will result in termination of privileges.  Inmates who make obscene, threatening, or harassing telephone calls, or damage telephone equipment will lose their telephone privileges and may be criminally prosecuted.  Disciplinary actions involving telephone restrictions shall not include the inmate’s right to call his/her attorney or bondsperson.  However, the number to be called shall be verified by an officer prior to the inmate making the call.

NOTE:  Telephone communications may be monitored, and/or recorded at any time.