An Accredited Florida Law Enforcement Agency

Internal Affairs

One function of this unit is to provide fact-finding assistance to the sheriff and his staff by providing a systematic, objective and impartial method of investigating concerns regarding employee misconduct.

The internal affairs investigator functions are responsible for conducting Administrative Investigations arising from allegations of employee misconduct or lack of performance, criminal investigations, and any other matter as directed by the Sheriff.

All complaints received against the NCSO or any employee will be documented, investigated and resolved by established procedures.

All completed investigations remain in secured files in the Internal Unit.

Investigation Findings

When the investigation or inquire is completed, the employee in charge of the investigation shall classify his/her findings as follows:

  • Unfounded – The act or acts complained of did not occur or did not involve NCSO personnel.
  • Not-Sustained – Insufficient evidence to clearly prove or disprove the allegation/complaint.
  • Sustained – The preponderance of evidence clearly proves the allegation/complaint.
Internal Affairs