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NOTICE OF TOUR: RFP-NCSO-21-R-001 Food Service

To Whom It May Concern:

On Thursday the 19th of November 2020 the Nassau Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility will conduct a familiarization tour of the Nassau County Detention Facility’s Kitchen and Dining facilities located at 76212 Nicholas Cutinha Rd Yulee, FL 32097. This tour is for vendors wishing to see the bid site and attendance is not mandatory to participate in the bidding process.

Timeline for tour:

0945 to 1000 – Sign in for vendors

1000 to 1100 – Tour of the site.

Questions & Answers

Is there a certain amount of calories required for the menu?


What time are the inmate meals served?

B: 6:45 am / L: 11:45 am / D: 4:45 pm

What meals and times is the staff dining open?

Dining room is open all day. Meals are served at 5 am for Breakfast / 10 am for Lunch / 4:45 pm for Dinner

What is the current population?

Current is 236 / Capacity is 315

How many therapeutic diets are currently being served?


How many religious diets are currently being served?


Will the contractor be responsible for employing all food service personnel?


How many current employees are in food service?


May we have a copy of the last six months of invoices?

See below

Could we please have a copy of the current food service contract?

See below

Could the county supply a copy of the current menus for…

  • Inmate meals

  • Staff meals

  • Sack/Bag meals

Yes, these items can be supplied through a public records request.  

These items may be obtained through a public records request. Records Custodian is Mary Mercer 548-4069 email: