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Nassau County Sheriff’s Office conducts “Operation March Sadness”

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office conducts “Operation March Sadness”

Yulee, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office announced the results of Operation March Sadness, which was an operation to reduce illegal drug activity within Nassau County. Over the past several months the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division has conducted numerous undercover drug operations throughout Nassau County.  Based on these operations 34 individuals have been arrested and one other is wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant.

“The people who were involved in this operation are not your casual drug user,” said Sheriff Bill Leeper.  “These are drug dealers and repeat offenders.  If we successfully remove the drug dealers and repeat offenders crime goes down.”

A total of 35 people were involved for various drug-related charges during Operation March Sadness.  Items seized were 149 pills; 37.0 grams of Cocaine; 87.7 grams of Methamphetamine; 375.2 grams of Marijuana; $3,077 cash; 3 handguns and 1 shotgun.

“During 2016, twelve people died as a result of drug overdoses in our county, which is a 50 percent increase over 2015,” said Leeper.  “People who buy illegal drugs are playing Russian roulette with their lives.  They have no idea what the drugs are cut with, or their potential potency.”

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office is continually seeking the community’s help in reducing illegal drug activity and asks anyone who knows someone dealing illegal drugs to please let them know.

“If you are selling illegal drugs in Nassau County, your next sale could be the one that sends you to jail,” Leeper added.

Those arrested during Operation March Sadness were:

  • Wesley Eugene Parker – Sale of Cocaine (x2), 25, Fernandina Beach
  • Frank Malik Drummond – Sale of Cocaine (x3), 21, Fernandina Beach
  • Xavier Dwight Jamison – Armed Sale of Cocaine, 30, Fernandina Beach
  • Zachary Verdier Jamison – Sale of Marijuana (x3), 30, Fernandina Beach
  • Kara Michelle Ferrell – Sale of Methamphetamine (x2), 39, Yulee
  • Paul Douglas George – Sale of Methamphetamine (x3), 45, Yulee
  • Kenneth Carlos Gamble – Sale of Cocaine, 35, Fernandina Beach
  • Antony Jevon Brown – Sale of Cocaine, 31, Fernandina Beach
  • Dustin Stephen Geraci – Sale of Methamphetamine, 31, Yulee
  • Marty Rasean Godwin – Sale of Cocaine (x2), 39, Fernandina Beach
  • Nicole Elaine Sutton – Sale of Methamphetamine (x2), 26, Yulee
  • Gary Norman Montgomery – Sale of Methamphetamine (x2), 41, Yulee
  • Wade Ernest Turner – Sale of Methamphetamine, 35, Yulee
  • Michael Hunter Potts – Sale of Methamphetamine (x3), 33, Fernandina Beach
  • Kelly Dean Labigang Jr – Sale of Methamphetamine, 32, Yulee
  • Miles Boyter Thompson – Sale of a Counterfeit Substance, 24, Yulee
  • Ryan Jamell Peterson – Sale of Cocaine (x3), 24, Fernandina Beach
  • Michael Allen Walker – Sale of Methamphetamine (x2), 18, Yulee
  • Adam Peter Beil – Sale of Cocaine/Possession of Cocaine, 31, Fernandina Beach
  • Jessica Lynn Dunman – Sale of Methamphetamine/Controlled Substance, 37, Yulee
  • Randall Grey Jones – Sale of Methamphetamine (x2), 29, Yulee
  • Joyce Ann Allen – Sale of Methamphetamine (x2), 31, Yulee
  • Kimberly Rochelle White – Sale of Cocaine (x2), 34, Fernandina Beach
  • Victoria Summer Broussard – Possession of Methamphetamine, 33, Fernandina Beach
  • Bobby Shane Snipes – Sale of Methamphetamine (x3), 43, Yulee
  • Mark Allen Currie – Sale of Cocaine, 41, Fernandina Beach
  • Michael Keith Googins – Sale of Methamphetamine, 48, Yulee
  • Cherrelle Monique Holcey – Sale of Cocaine (x2), 25, Fernandina Beach
  • Lisa Marie Ferguson – Sale of Controlled Substance, 34, Callahan
  • Melissa Lorraine Agricola – Sale of Controlled Substance, 47, Yulee
  • Eric Chauncey Greene – Sale of Controlled Substance, 61, Fernandina Beach
  • Tina Nicole Williams – Trafficking Methamphetamine, 44, Yulee
  • Gary Lamar Meeks – Cultivation of Marijuana, 55, Callahan
  • John Allen Lemos – Trafficking Methamphetamine, 49, Jacksonville

Wanted on outstanding arrest warrant is:

  • Jared Donnie Brazzell – Sale of Methamphetamine, 40, Fernandina Beach