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Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Held to Open the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office New Administration Building

On Monday, March 27, 2017, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to open the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office new administration building at the Nassau County Public Safety Complex.The facility is the first ever stand-a-lone Sheriff’s Office Administration Building ever constructed since Sheriff’s Office was founded in 1827.  NCSO has always been housed in either a courthouse or jail facility.This new sheriff’s office had been talked about since at least the 1990’s when the courthouse and jail were being planned and then eventually built in the early 2000’s.  Several former sheriffs developed plans and worked on committees, but it seemed the money just wasn’t there after the courthouse was finished.

In 2013, a committee comprised of then County Manager Ted Selby, District 3 County Commissioner Pat Edwards, and Sheriff Bill Leeper worked closely together to get this project finally started and completed.  We developed a new set of plans that lowered the costs, worked with the Florida legislature to get $500,000 dollars allocated for the project, even though it was vetoed by Governor Scott.  This however, was the impetus to get the county commission to place the building on their capital improvement plan and allocate $10 million dollars of reserve funds for the project in 2014. This past May we cut the ribbon and moved in to our new state-of-the-art 911 Call Center across the street in the Emergency Operations Building, which allows our communications officers to serve our citizens with the latest technology and equipment available. 

Cutting the ribbon on this new Sheriff’s Office Admin facility is another major part of our continuing efforts of professionalizing NCSO and will serve the sheriff’s office and the citizens of Nassau County for many decades to come, providing a safe & secure facility where our employees can deliver the best services possible for our citizens.As for what is to come, we are very excited to start beginning the design phase of our next major project, which is a public safety (police & fire) training center, which will be built on 40 acres off of CR-108 west of I-95 in Sandhill.  This center will allow Nassau County law enforcement officers and fire/rescue personnel to be some of the best trained around our state and our region.  Our citizens deserve nothing less.


Pictures: County Commissioners Danny Leeper, Pat Edwards, Justin Taylor, George Spicer, and Steve Kelley along with County manager Shanea Jones join Sheriff Bill Leeper as he cuts the ribbon at the new Sheriff’s Office Admin Building.

Sheriff Bill Leeper makes remarks at the ribbon cutting ceremony

The American flag, state of Florida flag and NCSO flag fly over the new Sheriff’s Office Admin Building for the first time.