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Water Rescue April 04, 2018

Three juveniles (13 year old male, 15 year old male and 15 year old female) were floating on the below raft and were caught by the 15-20mph west wind and blown off shore. A bystander and a lifeguard paddled out to them on a paddle board. Both reached them approximately 500 yards off shore. Due to the strong wind they were unable to paddle back in with the juveniles. The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit arrived as they were approximately 800-1000 yards off shore. NCSO deputies placed all of the subjects in their boat and took them back to the beach where lifeguards assisted them the rest of the way – approximately 25-30 yards.


The bottom picture is the NCSO Marine Unit bringing them back to shore Floating pool toy pictured in the ocean where rescue was completed

lifegaurds look towards the ocean at the NCSO Marine Unit as they head towards the shore with rescued juveniles