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The Victim Advocate and State Attorney’s Office Partner Together to Collect School Supplies

The Victim Advocate with the State Attorney’s Office in Nassau County and the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocate are partnering together to collect school supplies for the students affected by Hurricane Michael in Gulf County, Florida.  Both advocates are part of the Florida Crisis Response Team (FCRT) who deployed to this area after the storm and witnessed the devastation that occurred.  Some of their fellow FCRT members will be returning to Gulf County on November 17th.

Only one out of five schools in Gulf County survived the storm, which displaced more than 2,500 students.  Currently the school that did not have any damage is hosting all of these children in addition to the students that already were assigned there.  They literally lost everything.

To help out, we will be collecting backpacks, composition notebooks, paper, pens, pencils & crayons to send to the students in Gulf County.  If anyone would like to donate any of these items we will set up a donation box in the NCSO lobby at 77151 Citizens Circle in Yulee to place them in.  The collection deadline is November 14th.

For additional information please contact NCSO Victim Advocate Danielle Shough at 904-548-4099.