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Spring Break Safety

Spring Break Safety

Yulee, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office is enhancing crime prevention efforts again this year as Spring Break visitors come to the area and local students enjoy their time off from school.

An increased law enforcement presence at local beaches is intended to stop crimes before they occur.  Special attention is being paid to underage drinking and drug possession, as well as traffic enforcement.

“It’s a beautiful time of year to visit Nassau County and while we want citizens and visitors to enjoy their stay, we also want them to make safety a priority,” said Sheriff Bill Leeper.  “Leaving your wallet or cell phone under your towel while you go for a swim creates an opportunity for thieves.  These are types of crimes we hope to prevent.”

Remember these safety tips:

  • Lock the doors and windows at your place of lodging.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your room. Lock them in a safe if possible.
  • Always carry wallets, purses, room key and car keys securely.
  • When crossing the street, use crosswalks, available traffic signals and always make sure motorists see you before stepping out into the road.
  • When driving, obey speed limits, avoid distractions and watch for pedestrians.
  • Always lock your vehicle when parked and when traveling in it.
  • Keep valuables out of sight by locking them in the trunk, glove box or console. Covering them with a blanket or tucking them under the seat does not deter criminals.
  • If you’re traveling with small children, use your cell phone to take a photo of them when you arrive at your destination. This photo will help law enforcement locate your child if you become separated.
  • Never go out alone and don’t ever leave a public place with a stranger.
  • If you plan to consume alcohol, know your limits, don’t leave drinks unattended, don’t accept an open drink from a stranger and never drink and drive.
  • Be observant and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement, security personnel or hotel management.
  • Don’t advertise your plans to strangers – in person or online.

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