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Sheriff’s Office K-9 Retires

Sheriff’s Office K-9 Retires

Yulee, Fla. – Sheriff Bill Leeper has announced the retirement of one of Nassau County Sheriff’s Office K-9’s.

After nine years of fighting crime and sniffing out drugs in Nassau County, ten-year-old Sheriff’s K-9 “Flash” is officially retired.  Flash’s skills have slowly diminished over the past couple of years and his effectiveness as a drug dog has weakened.

During his career, Flash was responsible for the recovery of over 22 pounds of marijuana throughout his service.  Flash was also trained in searching for cadavers.

In addition to all of his crime fighting accomplishments, Flash has participated in a wide range of exhibitions for thousands of people including civic groups and clubs, private organizations, youth groups and several school presentations and has always been a favorite with the children.

“Law enforcement canines play a vital role in public service.  They locate criminals, uncover drugs and explosives, find crucial evidence and assist with missing person cases, while protecting the lives of police officers and citizens,” said Sheriff Leeper.

Flash’s job was to sniff out various drugs: methamphetamines, heroin, MDMA/ecstasy, cocaine, crack and marijuana, Leeper said.  Flash has served the agency well over the years serving alongside three different handlers.

Flash was paired up to work and live with Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Kelley and his family.  Upon being asked about what he will miss most about working with Flash, Deputy Kelley said, “Flash had an incredible attention to detail and focus.  He gave 100% to everything he did.  He was a community dog.  He could go from being with a room full of second graders one moment to chasing after and apprehending a bad guy the next moment.”

Flash will go live out his retirement years with his previous handler, Corporal Russ Clark in Tallahassee.

Deputy Kelley recently received a new K-9 partner, Diesel, who also has joined his family.

K-9 Flash Retires