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NCSO Explorers Attend Winter Delegates Conference

The NCSO Explorer Unit attended the Explorer Winter Delegates Conference December 20-22, 2019 in Leon County, Florida.  The Explorer unit won several medals and plaques for the shooting competition.  Attached is a picture on them and their awards.  The explorer unit also received a plaque for 2019 High Team Shooting in .22 Cal.  Listed below is their names and what award they received from left to right


Joseph Tillman – 2019 First Time Shooter High Score


Kara McLendon – 2019 Marksman medal .22 CAL


Dylan Clay – 2019 Match Winner .22 CAL and a medal for steel target competition 1st place


Elena Sharkey – 2019 Sharpshooter medal .22 CAL


Tristan Murto – 2019 Sharpshooter medal .22 CAL


And the team of 5 won the award of 2019 High Team .22 CAL