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NCSO Deputy Receives Facebook Thanks for Helping a Citizen

NSCO received a Facebook tag from Justin Manning today expressing his gratitude for the help he received from one of our Sheriff’s Deputies yesterday. Deputy Bubba Rhoden helped Justin Manning change his tire and drove him to the tire shop.

Justin’s post stated,”If y’all know me well I don’t have a very good reputation with law enforcement and lately I been seeing a lot of anti-police posts. I had a tire blow out on me I had no spare and the 4 way I was using snapped on me. This nice officer seen me on the side of the road and let me use a 4 way helped me get the wheel off and even gave me a ride to the tire shop. I wanna thank this man so much !! For going out his way to help me. I appreciate him more than words can explain he changed my output I had towards law enforcement not all cops are bad! This man deserves an award. Glad to know there’s still good people in this world #thankful .”

NCSO strives to support our citizens in the best way possible and appreciates the kind words and compliments.