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Nassau couple visit NCSO’s 911 Call Center to thank those who helped save her life

Yulee, Fla. – On October 3, 2015, around 9:27 pm, Richard Strickland called 911 for a medical issue his wife, Margaret, was going through.  She was rehabbing at home after going through open-heart surgery and had apparently taken the wrong medication for her condition.  The medication she took made her ill causing her to go in and out of consciousness.
As Mr. Strickland was on the phone, the 911 communications officers were quickly gathering pertinent information and giving him suggestions on what to do while they dispatched Nassau County Fire/Rescue to their house.  Once NCFR arrived, Mrs. Strickland was taken to the hospital and stabilized.  She and the doctors believe had it not been for the quick and professional actions by everyone involved she may not have survived.

On April 14, 2016, both Mrs. Strickland and her husband visited the NCSO 911 call center to meet for the first time and thank the communications officers who assisted them that night.  Mrs. Strickland read a note to them she had prepared and then gave them a big hug.  The three communications officers, Cindy Carter, Shawn Conner, and Alexis Crawford were surprised when she walked into the room and they all teared up with joy when they met her realizing that what they did that night saved a life.  They were very thankful to actually see her in person, which rarely happens in their line of work.
We all thank those 911 communications officers who serve our community.  We hope we never have to call 911, but when we do it’s nice to know we have such caring, knowledgeable and professional individuals who are just a phone call away.  911 what’s your emergency?

911 Dispatchers Appreciation 1

Picture #1; Margaret Strickland tells NCSO’s 911 Communications Officers how much she appreciates what they did for her

911 Dispatchers Appreciation 2

Picture #2: NCSO 911 Communications Officers Cindy Carter, Shawn Conner and Alexis Crawford with Margaret and Richard Strickland