An Accredited Florida Law Enforcement Agency

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Earns Reaccreditation

On February 6, 2014, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office was reaccredited for the first time by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA). The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office (Law Enforcement Operation’s) became accredited by CFA in 2010.

Accreditation Certificate
Sheriff Bill Leeper, Accreditation Manager Lawanna Ware and NCSO staff accept the CFA Re-accreditation Certificate

Sheriff Bill Leeper accepted the CFA Accreditation Certification on behalf of each member of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. “Maintaining accreditation status ensures the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office meets the highest professional standards set by the Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation” said Sheriff Leeper. “As Sheriff of Nassau County I will continue to work tirelessly to meet, and exceed, the high standards set by CFA and provide the citizens of Nassau County with professional, accountable, effective and efficient public safety services.”

In December 2013 assessment teams from CFA conducted independent, intensive and thorough inspections of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement operations. To earn reaccreditation an agency must comply with all applicable CFA mandatory standards. Independent assessors were provided with complete access to review written documentation, conduct personnel interviews, observe agency operations and conduct facility inspections to ensure the Sheriff’s Office compliance of accreditation standards. The assessment team found the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office in compliance with mandatory CFA accreditation standards and highly recommended reaccredited status to their respective Commission.

In the CFA Assessments Team final report to the Commission they reported the assessment team was very impressed with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office and the professionalism displayed by both its sworn and non-sworn members. The agency’s policies and practices promote responsiveness to the community’s law enforcement needs. The team members completely agree that every member of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office interviewed demonstrated a high level of job knowledge, competence, and satisfaction.

“We must operate under accepted and contemporary standards, and be ready for those unexpected problems. A professional law enforcement agency cannot have questionable practices,” Leeper said. “We must perform well, be trained well, practice sound ethics, and have supervisory oversight of our operations and personnel, always remembering that excellence in policing is not granted on easy terms.”

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