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Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Concludes Operation Dry Spring 2015

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Concludes Operation Dry Spring 2015

Yulee, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Florida Sheriffs Task Force, has concluded a five week operation aimed at protecting youth in Florida. Operation Dry Spring 2015, focused on preventing underage youth from purchasing and using alcohol, tobacco and various forms of synthetic drugs. This operation was timed to coincide with the Spring Break season, when many youth experiment with drugs and alcohol.

From March 16 to April 12, 2015, Nassau County Sheriff’s Deputies targeted underage youth in possession of alcohol, tobacco or synthetic drugs as well as businesses selling these substances to underage youth. This operation resulted in 12 arrests.

“Through Operation Dry Spring, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Sheriffs Task force has addressed an important issue in our state; the safety of our youth,” said Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office conducted operations targeting businesses who sell alcohol, tobacco, and synthetic drugs to underage youth.  This was conducted through random, undercover business checks.  Initiatives were also conducted during Spring Break activities.  “This initiative sends a clear message that we are committed to the wellbeing of our children – our most precious resource,” Leeper said.

The Florida Sheriffs Task Force pools resources from the 67 Sheriffs’ Offices to address specific areas of concern. The Florida Sheriffs Task Force also is the point of contact for statewide initiatives, including helping to staff the State Emergency Operations Center and coordinating Sheriffs’ offices responses to storm-ravaged communities during hurricanes and other disasters.