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Hurricane Michael Assistance

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office (6), Nassau County Emergency Management (5), Nassau County Fire/Rescue (2), Fernandina Beach Police Department (1), and Fernandina Beach Fire/Rescue (1), sent several individuals to the panhandle of Florida to help with relief efforts after Hurricane Michael devastated this area.  These individuals are part of the Regional Incident Management Team from Northeast Florida.

“Florida public safety agencies stand together during disasters, as we have several sheriff’s offices and police departments in this area who have literally lost communications, vehicles and office buildings,” said Sheriff Bill Leeper.

The group will help with various assignments while deployed for up to seven days at a time.  Two of NCSO’s Communications Officers are assigned to Bay County Panama City Dispatch assisting with communications, since some of their dispatchers have lost their homes and some are unable to locate family members.  NCSO personnel is also assisting in re-establishing communications systems in Calhoun and Jackson counties.  Incident Management Team members are also assigned to the State Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee working directly for the State Coordinating Officer on humanitarian issues.

“Without aid from other areas of the state, many of these agencies would not be able to provide basic public safety services to their community,” Leeper said.