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Home Security Checks

NCSO Provides Home Security Checks 

Yulee, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office is acting as the eyes and ears of your neighborhood when you go on vacation.  All you have to do is put yourself on their Vacation Watch list.

The Sheriff’s Office said if you’re heading on a vacation, don’t go straight on social media to let people know.  Instead, call NCSO.  They can make sure your home stays safe while you’re away.

Now that summer is here, NCSO said more families will be going on vacation but along with that extra time off, they say summertime is known to have a higher number of break ins.  “We always unfortunately see it an uptick in property crimes during the summer months,” said Sheriff Bill Leeper.

Leeper said if you’re going to be leaving your home for some time, contact the Sheriff’s Office and let them know so they can periodically check on your home.  “That gets a marked patrol car out to your house at least once during the shift if not more,” Leeper said.

In addition to the watch program, you can also be proactive to make your home become less vulnerable to break-ins, said Leeper.  NCSO recommends keeping a light on inside your home, have a trusted friend or neighbor pick up any accumulating newspapers or mail, have a neighbor utilize your driveway for parking if there is not a vehicle you can leave there, if you have an alarm, make sure it’s in working order and make sure you don’t broadcast your destination on social media.

“Definitely don’t advertise to everyone you will be going out of town for a certain period of time,'” Leeper said.

Leeper said families do not have to pay any money to have an officer come check on their home and if you need an officer to patrol your neighborhood, call their non-emergency number at 904-225-5174.  Your request must be received at least five (5) days prior to your departure.