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Florida Sheriffs Taskforce Unveils Results of Nassau County’s 2016 Sexual Predator Operation

Yulee, Fla. – The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) Taskforce released the results of Operation Predator, a strategic initiative that verified current locations and criminal backgrounds of the permanent sexual predator residents in Nassau County and throughout the state of Florida. The initiative enforces public safety policies in regards to sexual predator offenses and protects Florida’s youth from its over 46,000 sexual predator residents.

“Sexual offenses are a trauma we don’t want any family in any of our communities to experience,” said Sheriff Bill Leeper. “Enforcing sexual predator policies is a high priority in order for Florida law officials to keep families safe.”

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida’s more than 46,000 permanent sexual predator residents are made up of 36,452 resident offenders, 9,940 resident predators and 251 juvenile sexual offenders. Included in Operation Predator’s statewide procedure, it verified the number of Nassau County’s sexual predator and offenders, their addresses, registration violations, number of related warrants served through arrests and number of ancillary arrests made through this operation enforcement. The following are the specific totals numbers for Nassau County:

  • 12 total sexual predator address verifications
  • 88 total sexual offender address verifications
  • 0 total sexual predators arrested/charged for registration violation
  • 0 total sexual offenders arrested/charged for registration violations
  • 0 total related warrants served through arrests
  • 0 total ancillary arrests made through this operation enforcement

“Operation Predator allows our Sheriffs Offices to better predict dangers that could potentially harm our children and community members,” said Leeper. “The data found informs the public of possible threats and helps better prepare to defend Florida residents.”

Operation Predator contributes to two of the FSA business operations goals: to protect Florida’s youth and to promote the activities of Sheriffs.  The results of this task force operation have led to updated information being added to FDLE’s sexual offender and predator directory.  The directory is located at