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Eric Oliver Way Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


On Monday, July 31, 2017, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for Eric Oliver Way.  The Nassau County Board of County Commissioners, County Staff, elected officials, public safety professionals and citizens gathered near the Target Shopping Center and Courtney Isles Way for the ceremony honoring Deputy Eric Oliver, who was killed in-the-line-of-duty on November 22, 2016.

“Every day, public safety officers work tirelessly to protect our citizens, enforce our laws, and keep our neighborhoods safe.  We owe a profound debt to all those who have worn the badge, and to the families whose care enables them to serve with courage and pride”, said Sheriff Bill Leeper.

Attendees paid tribute to Deputy Oliver who made the ultimate sacrifice for our community and voiced their appreciation for all those who currently serve on the front lines of the battle against crime.

Thanks go out to KIMCO Realty for allowing the road to be re-named in honor of Deputy Oliver, the Nassau County Professional Fire Fighters Local 3101 for purchasing the signs, County Manager Shanea Jones and her staff for putting the program together and the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners for their support of public safety.

Sheriff Leeper also thanked the dedicated men & women of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office and all public safety professionals who work tirelessly every day to protect our community.  Without them, we would not enjoy the quality of life that we all do.

Deputy Oliver died doing what he loved to do serving and protecting our community.  He will never be forgotten by our agency, by those who worked with him, by his family, by his friends and now, all those who pass Eric Oliver Way will remember him as well.

Deputy Oliver’s Father, Mother and Grandmother cut the ribbon to open Eric Oliver Way.