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Fleet Services Unit

Fleet Services Unit

Fleet Services is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office vehicles.  The services provided vary from oil changes to major repairs.  The Fleet Manager, Nick Gaskill is ASE Master Certified and General Motors Certified Fleet manager which allows for warranty work to be conducted in-house, saving time and money.  Overall, having an in-house fleet division enables the mechanical needs of the vehicles to be maintained more closely, therefore keeping vehicles in service.

By utilizing the expert knowledge of the fleet manager the NCSO has the ability to monitor the wear on all vehicles so that replacements are based on cost benefit analysis.  In addition to fleet maintenance the services department also installs emFleetergency equipment, maintains safety and communications equipment in all vehicles.  This is another way the sheriff’s office is able to realize cost savings as well as efficient operations of all vehicles.

On average the fleet department will service between 110 to 120 vehicles per month.  These services are performed on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, golf carts, and trailers.

The purchasing practice for vehicles are carried out through the utilization of the state bid.  This maintains the pricing at a competitive level for all government vehicle purchases.  Additional opportunities exist through grants which allows for the purchase of vehicles for a specific use such as K-9, narcotics and DARE.