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Explorer Program

Explorer Program

To the Explorer Applicant:

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program is a member of the Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.) and adheres to the standards contained with the bylaws of the program.  Nationwide there are 2000 chartered post with 40,000 members.  The goal of the Explorer Program is for members to explore law enforcement as a possible career choice, develop physical fitness, and community service.

 Law Enforcement Exploring

The intent of law enforcement exploring is to educate and involve youth in police operations, to interest them in possible law enforcement functions whether they enter policing or not.  Through involvement, the law enforcement explorer program establishes an awareness of the complexities of police service.

 Program Objectives

Explorers are given the opportunity to broaden their understanding and gain first hand knowledge of the challenges and job skills that make up their community’s police service.  The explorer program will encourage the individual to continue their education, encourage the explorer to participate in rewarding and productive community service activities, and to help the explorer prepare for their future roles as citizens and community members.


The explorers are involved in many different training exercises to assist them in their activities.   The following is a list of some of the training exercises offered:

  • Guest speakers from the Sheriff’s Office and surrounding agencies.
  • Training in First-Aid, C.P.R., and Emergency Preparedness.
  • Sheriff’s Explorer Academy.
  • A ride-along program, which places the Explorer in cars with the deputies during reasonable hours and conditions.  The Explorers are eligible for this program after they have completed the Sheriff’s Explorer Academy.

NCSO Exploers at Pancake breakfast fundraiser

Eligibility Requirements

The following is a list of qualifications that are required of all individuals who are interested in becoming an Explorer:

  • Must have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years of age, or are 15 years of age but have not yet reached their 21st birthday.
  • Must be enrolled in school, maintaining a 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
  • Must pass a criminal background check and be a current resident of Nassau County.

Uniforms and associated equipment will be provided by the Sheriff’s Office at no cost to the Explorer.  However, the Explorer may be responsible for purchasing a pair of black leather shoes or boots, which can be polished.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office at (904) 548-4022.

NCSO Explorer Application

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