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Public Records Request/Fee Schedule

                      Public Records Request

Florida Statute, Chapter 119 outlines the criteria of what is considered as public record.  The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) is required to release public records in accordance with public records law.

In order to expedite your request, it will be helpful if you could provide any of the following information: Case number, Date & Time, Location of Incident, the Name of the Deputy, or the Name of the person(s) involved.

For information and assistance regarding making a public records request, please call the NCSO Records Department at 904-548-4009 / 904-548-4050, or by email at: or in person at the Records Department located at 77151 Citizens Circle, Yulee, which is open to the public between the hours of 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

Traffic Crash Reports

If you wish to obtain a Traffic Crash Report within 60 days of the incident, Florida law requires that you complete a “Sworn Statement for Traffic Crash Report Information” form. Per Florida Statutes §316.066, any person attempting to access accident reports within 60 days after the date the report is filed must present legitimate credentials or identification that demonstrates their qualifications to access the report.  Any person, knowing that he or she is not entitled to obtain information made confidential by this section is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided by Florida Statutes §775.082, §775.083 or §775.084.

You can request and pick-up a Traffic Crash Report at the Receptionist/Records desk at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office located at 77151 Citizens Circle, Yulee.  You will be asked to complete and sign a “Sworn Statement for Traffic Crash Report Information” form, or you can call 904-548-4009 / 904-548-4050 or email: to request the sworn statement be emailed or mailed to you, and once you fully complete the form and email it back, our Records Department will email the Traffic Crash Report to you at no cost.

Report Fee Schedule

Payments must be made by cash, money order, credit,or debit card.  The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office does not accept credit or debit cards.

Standard Reports

Report Type


Photocopies (letter size 8 1/2 x 11)

$0.15 Per Page (+ Postage If Mailed)

Photocopies (legal size 8 1/2 x 14)

$0.20 Per Page (+ Postage If Mailed)


$0.50 Each

DVD’s (Audio)

$0.50 Each (Special Service Charge of $18.50 Per Hour May Apply)

Incident Reports

$0.15 Per Page

Arrest Reports

$0.15 Per Page

Background checks

$5.00 Per Individual Checked

Fingerprints (Ink)

$5.00 Per Card

Fingerprints (Electronic)


Certified Report Copies

$0.15 Per Page Plus $1.00 Certification Fee

Traffic Crash Reports

$0.15 Per Page


Livescan fingerprints are done for the public ($10 processing fee) at the Sheriff’s Office located at 77151 Citizens Circle, Yulee, FL.   Ink prints are completed at the Nassau County Detention Center  across from the Sheriff’s Office at 76212 Nicholas Cutinha Road, Yulee, Fl. 32097 at a cost of $5 per card.  Both services are done between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Background Checks

Background checks are done for the public by our Records Department located at 77151 Citizens Circle, Yulee, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays at a cost of $5.00 per name checked for a local criminal background check.  Statewide background checks can be obtained through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. FDLE can be reached at 850-410-8109 or by clicking here >

Extensive Research/Special Service Charge

Report requests that require special computer runs or extensive manual searching of records are subject to additional fees. A deposit may be required according to the nature of the request for extensive research.  There will be a special service charge ($18.50 per hour) when the nature or volume of public records to be inspected is such as to require extensive use of information technology resources, or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance or both. You will be provided with a good faith estimate for the cost of research/duplication/redaction of protected information of the public record, and approval of the estimate must be provided prior to the fulfillment of the records request.